Shropshire Wine School - The Grape Escape Part 2

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Join Gary Carter from Shropshire Wine School for his latest virtual tasting...

"Over the last 12 months, we have travelled far and wide in our wine journey. Countries from Italy and France to South Africa and Australia we have visited, “virtually”.

Along the way we have sampled many different grape varieties, but a few have proved elusive and slipped through our net, whilst others we have sampled perhaps slightly out of context.

So, over the next EIGHT WEEKS (divided into 2 x 4-week events) we will put that right with our “The Grape Escape” series of wine tastings.

Over these tastings, we will focus on the grape variety rather than the country, although obviously, we will still discuss where the particular wine is made.

Not all of these varieties are obscure, far from it, with both Pinot Grigio and Merlot featuring in our first four-week group."

Tickets for Gary's tasting can be bought over at Shropshire Wine School.