Shropshire Wine School - Virtual Christmas Tasting

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This fabulous case has been prepared for Shropshire Wine School's virtual Christmas tasting, but is available to buy on its own as well. Tickets for the tasting are available from Shropshire Wine School, please click through for full details. It should be a great event!

Virtual Christmas Wines

A new era is dawning for everyone involved in classrooms and events. Using modern technology, we can enjoy learning about our favourite wines (and gin) from the comfort and safety of our own homes. This has the added advantage that nobody needs to be the “designated driver”.

Using Zoom video conferencing is just like being in the room with Gary, who will, as ever educate, inform and entertain you for about an hour.

All sessions will be recorded and if you can't attend at the last minute just let us know so you can go through the event at your convenience later.

Why not invite your friends to make it a truly social experience?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to meet up with friends and family, exchange presents and share happy memories together. It’s also a very good excuse to enjoy some lovely food and fine wine.

Join Gary online as he takes you through an “ideal Christmas Day”. Unlike the real thing on the 25th December, these six wines are sampled over 3 weeks so you won’t get a hangover!