Shropshire Wine School - Virtual Italy February 2021

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Join Gary Carter on a journey through Italy...full details on this tasting are available by clicking the following link to Shropshire Wine School.

"Italy is perhaps the most confusing country for wine lovers to understand. Producing more wine than any other country, from over 300 indigenous grape varieties (plus some international varieties too) and over 300 regional labels – DOC or DOCG. Italian wine is like the country; beautiful, enchanting, frustrating and difficult for outsiders to truly appreciate.

Because there is so much to enjoy, we have decided to take a leisurely five weeks to explore some well-known and not so well-known wines and regions from Italy. We start in the heartland of the centre of Italy and then journey to the South and Islands before ending in Piedmont. For once we are not visiting Veneto, which makes more wine than any other Italian region. We will save that for another time.

Join us on this exploration of Italian wines and discover some real hidden gems. Keep some olives, salami and Parmesan handy, Italian wine loves food!" Gary Carter.