Beef curry and Poderi Colla Riesling 2014

June 02, 2021

Beef curry and Poderi Colla Riesling 2014

Riesling pairs so well with curry because it’s high in acidity, which makes your mouth water, helping to soothe any fiery spices.

Off dry Rieslings can work even better as the sugar has a coating effect, acting as a barrier between the spices and your taste buds.

Alcohol can enhance the perception of spice, while tannins can clash with the acidity and sweetness created by tomatoes and onions. Therefore high alcohol, full bodied oaky reds should be avoided.

The gorgeous Poderi Colla Riesling from Piemonte is packed with classic varietal notes of citrus, lime and honey, with a crisp mineral finish. The 2014 is drinking superbly, with that little bit of bottle age bringing complexity